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Greenbrier Learning Center (GLC) was founded in 1994 at the request of parents, teachers, and community members seeking after school tutoring and enrichment activities for the children of south Arlington.  The Arlington Community Foundation, the Greenbrier Baptist Church, and several local corporations partnered to create GLC, a non-sectarian independent 501(c)3 organization.


All children will have access to the supports they need from family, school, and community to enable them to succeed as learners and grow as citizens.


Greenbrier Learning Center expands learning opportunities that help young people fulfill their potential through afterschool and summer learning programs that support and connect families, schools, and communities.


Greenbrier Learning Center provides high-quality afterschool and summer learning programs that: - Serve young people in grades 3-5, critical transitional years in preparation for middle school, when students must strengthen their literacy skills or be left behind by their peers - Uniquely meet the needs of students in low-income communities who are often English Language Learners - Create seamless connections with schools, including providing volunteers to schools for support during the school day - Partner with families to support learning - Demonstrate results, including improved reading levels.

“I have been extremely impressed by the quality of service provided to Carlin Springs families by the staff at the Greenbrier Learning Center. The team at GLC makes time to meet with teachers and discuss student concerns. Strong communication between GLC staff and the teachers supports students’ understanding and completing homework and projects. Staff come to the school and work in classrooms and also support students’ social and emotional needs during the school year, providing individual academic assistance as well as running lunchtime groups to build relationships with students. Students ask to be included in the Greenbrier program activities, and are envious of their peers who participate – homework and academic programming is paired with recreational activities and mentoring that supports students as they transition into adolescence, supporting overall healthy development. It has been a pleasure to work with the GLC team.” Dan Redding, Principal (Former Assistant Principal, Carlin Springs Elementary School) Barrett Elementary

“I was fortunate enough to work with the AmeriCorps volunteers at GLC over the course of the last school year. My students come from extremely hardworking, loving, and caring families, but school-to-home communication and educational support after school is not always easy when parents are working long hours to support their families. GLC has done an extremely diligent job to minimize this gap in our community. With their support, my students and parents are able to access more educational resources, such as one-on-one tutoring, homework support, and an explanation of class projects and assignments. On top of the hard work I saw from the volunteers at GLC, it was truly heartwarming to see how excited my students were when volunteers would visit our classroom during the week and for special evening events at school. Thank you GLC for striving to make our neighborhood community more cohesive through your dedication and support!” Jenny Cetlin, M.Ed. Barcroft Elementary School- Arlington Public Schools

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